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                           TALENT MANAGEMENT PLATFORM 


Advisor is an intelligent, online system that easily administers and analyzes small or large volumes of assessment information. Advisor makes it simple for a team to understand the implications of assessment results -- turning assessment results into actionable data. Advisor is a mature platform that has been transforming candidate and employee data into actionable information since 2005.


Advisor Performance Platform drives assessment-based solutions that turn data into actionable information:


Online Assessments measure performance, communications style, personal drivers, motivators and ambitions. This is an excellent resource that is utilized during individual employee performance coaching , counseling future executives & managers towards leadership development as well as team building solutions.


Balanced Hiring Scorecard enables the entire hiring team to complete candidate scorecards that can be compared to each other.


Most Valuable Profile (MVP) Report provides a detailed executive overview of the ideal candidate. This allows the hiring team to "get to know" the ideal candidate before the interview (making it easier to identify the right person). Information from this report can be re-purposed in job ads and job descriptions to attract your "Most Valuable Profile" – that is your ideal candidate.


Team At a Glance (TAG)  represents graphically the profiles of more than one person (thousands if this is interesting). The Team at a Glance (TAG) allows managers to spot trends and predict potential style, corporate culture, or communication connections and conflicts.


Team Playbook summarizes, in one page, the most useful data about an individual. A Team Playbook is a tangible, highly utilized tool that helps to increase the team performance and effectiveness by “netting out” the most valuable individual preferences that enhance or hamper communication and cooperation. This is great for busy managers with limited budgets who still want to invest in professional development for their team.