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Quantus Management Resources recognizes the significance and impact of aligning talent resources with mission critical objectives. To that end, forming a tandem partnership with our clients is essential to achieving collective goals.




PHASE I – Research & Profile Evaluation


QMR works with Client to form a 3 – 5 member selection committee composed of key stakeholders. The selection committee will serve as a resource of information and support throughout the entire search process. The committee will assist with: 


  • Qualifying & approving job profiles & responsibilities
  • Collecting and qualifying internal/external data critical to job role performance
  • Conducting a comprehensive needs assessment
  • Final Candidate Selections

PHASE II – Candidate Search & Selection 


Once all relevant data has been collected and the job profile has been approved, the search will begin. Initial search deployment is designed to produce a higher quality of early stage candidates from which to begin the subsequent screening process. Subsequently the following will take place:


1.     Sourcing Process - A comprehensive is undertaken to identify and target qualified passive candidates.

2.     Candidate Pre-Screening - Eligible candidates are selected from a criteria of baseline qualifications.

3.     Interview Process - The top tier candidates are selected to undergo a comprehensive Q&A process.

4.     Selection Process - Copies of the candidate dossiers & assessment reports are provided to selection committee


PHASE III – Offer Acceptance & On Boarding 


QMR will work with the selection committee to offer final recommendations that support a structured on-boarding program to the hiring authority. Once an offer has been extended and accepted, QMR will:


  • Serve as an intermediary
  • Provide Client with recommendations on performance benchmarks & metrics
  • Conclude the search project


NOTE: QMR guarantees to generate a quality selection of candidates and work vigorously to achieve a successful project conclusion.